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Meet MantraCare  – The best Corporate Employee Fitness program

We provide a unique and 100% online approach to workplace fitness programs. With online virtual check-ins & teleconsultations, your employees may get consultations for improving their health and staying fit every day.

Addresses the root cause

MantraCare’s employee fitness programs target the source of the problem and offer assistance to help employees improve their health. Virtual consultation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through MantraCare trainers.

Customized Employee Fitness Programs

It is possible to improve one’s physical health and well-being by adopting new habits and a healthy lifestyle. MantraCare consultants give assistance for incorporating healthful behaviours into your daily routine. Each employee receives a unique plan based on his or her specific requirements.

Holistic program

The ultimate goal of our health and fitness program services is to assist you in achieving good health and staying healthy for the long term. Our mobile software has features such as workouts, diet plans, tools, and goal-setting lessons to help employees get fit.


What Is an Employee Fitness Program?

An employee fitness program is an initiative to encourage and enable employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Employees may keep in shape throughout the year without having to spend much time or money by participating in corporate-sponsored activities such as yoga, aerobics, and dance lessons. Over 70% of all health care costs in the United States and many other countries are attributed to unhealthy lifestyles.


What Are The Benefits Of the Employee Fitness Program?

It is a known fact that the incidence of diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, and many types of cancer is on the rise. This indicates that employees are not getting enough regular exercise or can’t afford healthy food items from their budget.

These problems can be overcome by introducing a company-sponsored employee wellness program offering services such as nutrition counseling and disease management. There are many benefits to implementing an employee fitness program including:

  • Healthy employees who enjoy life
  • Decreased absenteeism due to sickness or injury
  • Reduced health care costs for employers over a period of time

Since everything we do today has become online, it makes sense to offer online employee wellness solutions. The best part is that these services are not expensive and can be offered to employees in all parts of the world.

How does the Employee fitness program work?

The Fitness coaches communicate directly with the participants’ employers, collect data about the company’s demographics, health metrics and insurance claims. The Fitness Coaches then create a 90 day fitness plan that takes into account any injuries or physical conditions that may impact an individual’s ability to engage in certain activities.

They will also help you choose your fitness goals (such as weight loss/fat burning, muscle building etc.) based on what works best for you!  Each participant receives a custom workout program; all of our workouts are personalized to ensure proper form and technique is followed throughout each exercise.  Fitness Coaches keep participants accountable by providing regular weigh-ins via phone calls and text messages.

How Is MantraCare Different?

Many companies provide online fitness coaching, but very few do it successfully. There are many reasons for this failure including lack of support from the top management, lack of resources, and poor employee buy-in among others.

MantraCare takes a unique approach by providing customized virtual consultations with its team of experienced trainers who know how to get positive results quickly. Employees can access their trainer’s guidance 24/7 through teleconsultations and follow the prescribed diet plans and workout routines on their own time without having to spend any extra expense or commute to gym classes every day.

Our Program Outcomes

Most of our clients got a positive ROI on their employee health investments. We helped them make healthier and happier workplaces, leading to improved employee productivity, improved employee morale, Lower absenteeism & Higher retention.

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0 %
Reported increase in productivity
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Saved in health care costs
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100+ Companies across the World trust MantraCare

Deepak Sethi

People across the company have told me how much the MantraCare content has helped them in maintaining their health. They have a driven team that provides all of the tools, including customized diet plans and exercise routines, as well as lifestyle changes required for employee wellness and good health!

Kevin, Vice President HR
Global IT Services Company

One stop Employee Wellness solution

MantraCare is comprehensive and affordable, fits the bill for both large and small businesses. With our 10+ employee wellness programs, MantraCare only corporate wellness benefit you will ever need:

Frequently Asked Question's

Apart from health, fitness activities are now an integral part of professional life. With the increasing number of obesity cases among professionals, it’s high time that people start taking fitness classes to improve their physical and mental well-being.

A person’s ability to focus on work is directly influenced by his/her physical fitness. So, if you are fat and unhealthy, your productivity falls on the lower side. This gives rise to a lot of health issues, both at a personal level as well as professional.

If your company promotes fitness activities among employees, chances are that they will be more productive in their daily lives. By making some key changes in their eating habits and getting into the habit of regular exercise, professionals can stay fit not just for themselves but also for others around them!

Nowadays many schools have introduced yoga and other types of fitness classes for students due to rising obesity cases among young adults all over the world. These classes help students stay fit and healthy, giving them a better concentration span to study for longer hours.

Many students who are extremely obese or suffer from other health issues like heart ailments or back pain can greatly benefit from the yoga classes. It’s not necessary that all students take up sports activities; even those who do not possess much fitness can take these types of classes without any worry.

Apart from improving one’s physical state, corporate wellness programs also help reduce stress levels among employees along with their family members at home. The primary reason for this is that employees will be able to sleep well without feeling fatigued during work hours since they will not be stressed out by other factors which affect their daily lives.

In today’s competitive world, most people suffer from hypertension and other health problems related to stress. If employees can take up stress-relieving activities like yoga or meditation during free hours at work, it will not only benefit them but also their co-workers. It’s a win-win situation for the entire team!

Apart from reducing employee attrition rates and improving productivity, fitness events organized by companies also help in promoting their brands. Participating in such events is beneficial for both employees and employers; apart from strengthening ties with existing employees, new recruits who join these firms are more likely to be devoted to the organization when they see so much focus on employee welfare.

Companies that conduct cycling events or marathon competitions are likely to have employees who are more enthusiastic about their jobs since they are able to contribute to the company’s profits. It also gives them a chance to interact with senior leaders, which helps them take up leadership positions in the future.

Employees can be motivated by organizing motivational seminars or conferences that allow them to showcase their talent, just like any other professional event. Companies that provide flexibility in timings can motivate employees to take part in fitness activities during non-working hours at the office premises, giving them a sense of working for an organization that values their needs and requirements. It is not always necessary for companies to spend money on organizing such events; often, it is the collective will and effort which can help build a strong team.