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MantraCare can help you get your employees back to work quickly. We offer on-demand weight management therapy that is available in each employee’s home. This will help keep your employees healthy and reduce absenteeism.

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We provide a unique and fully online approach to workplace weight reduction programs. Your staff will receive advice on weight reduction via internet conferences and teleconsultations on a regular basis.

Addresses the root cause

MantraCare provides support to people who are struggling with managing their weight by helping them find the root cause of their weight gain and giving them appropriate solutions. Healthcare coaches provide moral support to employees who are stressed, as many obese people are stressed.

Customized Weight loss plan

MantraCare has a team of healthcare professionals who can help you lose weight. This team includes dieticians, exercise experts, and healthcare coaches. They will provide you with the guidance you need to make healthy changes in your lifestyle.

Holistic program

MantraCare offers tools and activities to help you lose weight. Our app has more than 100 recipes for a low-carb diet, exercises tutorials, BMI checkers, and many other resources to make it easy for you to lose weight.

What Is Employee Weight Management Program?

Employee weight management programs are designed to help employees maintain a healthy weight. They can be offered as part of an employer’s health benefits package or through an employee wellness program. Weight management programs typically include educational materials, counseling, and/or support groups. Some employers also offer incentives for employees who participate in the program and meet certain goals.


How Do Employee Weight Management Programs Work?

Weight management programs help employees learn about healthy eating and physical activity behaviors, set weight loss and maintenance goals, find support for their efforts, or get the motivation to make positive changes in their lifestyle habits. Some programs provide information that is specifically targeted at people with type II diabetes who are overweight or obese (e.g., pre-diabetes education). Other programs focus on general aspects of healthy eating and physical activity behaviors (e.g., portion control; choosing low-calorie drink options; increasing vegetable intake; decreasing saturated fat intake). Still, other programs may include exercise prescriptions tailored to individuals’ current fitness levels or offer classes/activities focused on a particular area such as walking or biking.

Employee weight management programs vary in their approach, but all share the common goal of helping employees make healthy changes that will improve their health and well-being.

What Are the Benefits of Employee Weight Management Programs?

There are many benefits to participating in an employee weight management program, including:

  • improved health and well-being;
  • lower rates of obesity and chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer;
  • increased productivity at work;
  • reduced healthcare costs for employers and employees.

How Can I Get Involved in an Employee Weight Management Program?

If you are interested in enrolling in an employee weight management program, ask your employer if they offer one. If you don’t have a weight management program at work, ask a local organization if they have one that you can join. Some programs are offered online or over the telephone, which makes them convenient for employees who live far from the program site or who have difficulty taking time away from work.

If you are an employer interested in implementing a weight management program, consult with a healthcare professional about developing a program that meets the specific needs of your workforce. Many organizations that provide weight management services also offer consultation services to help employers create programs that work well.

Employee weight management programs can be an important part of improving employee health and well-being. They offer employees access to education, counseling, and support which can help them make healthy changes that improve their health and reduce their risk of chronic diseases. If you are an employer, consider implementing a weight management program today!

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for the Employee Weight Management Program, you must be an employee of a participating organization and have been diagnosed with mental health problems within the last five years.

Our Program Outcomes

Our customers have seen a good ROI on their health care investment. We assisted them in creating better and more pleasant workplaces, resulting in improved productivity and morale as well as lower absenteeism and higher retention.

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Everyone I spoke with at the Mantra Care Employee Weight Management Program was very nice and helpful. They were understanding of my needs and wants. I felt like I was starting in the right place to get help, and I appreciate it.

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One stop Employee Wellness solution

MantraCare is comprehensive and affordable and fits the bill for both large and small businesses.  With our 10+ employee wellness programs, MantraCare is the only corporate wellness benefits program you will ever need


Online Therapy

Therapy  improves employee well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, developing more mindfulness, and promoting better sleep


Physical therapy

Physical therapy programs  alleviate common pains such as back pain or neck, with help of online physical therapist


Weight Control

Weight management programs specifically focus on helping employees achieve a healthy weight with a healthy body.



Yoga & Fitness classes are a versatile tool that can address physical, mental, and social well-being. Encourage Yoga during the workday.



Tobacco or Alcohol cessation programs can help nearly one out of every four employees get rid of unhealthy lifestyle



Given their significant impact on employee productivity and wellbeing, several companies have started hypertension programs.


Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can be cured via positive changes in diet and exercise routine. It affect over 25% of all workforce.



Considering women make up nearly half of corporate workforce, it’s important for employers to focus on women’s health issues.



Fitness classes do not necessarily need to be limited to physical fitness.  Guided meditation sessions are great ways to improve well-being.



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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a weight loss program that uses medically supervised, rapid weight loss. The program includes very low-calorie diet foods that are nutritionally complete. The program focuses on getting regular aerobic exercise, eating healthy food, and using cognitive behavioral therapy to keep the weight off long term.

To lose a pound every day, you’ll need to burn 3500 calories each day. If you’re doing your daily routine activities, you’ll require between 2000 and 2500 calories each day. That implies that all through the day, you must restrict yourself and exercise as much as possible in order for the rest of the calories to be eliminated.

If you’re a woman, don’t go below 1,000 to 1,200 daily calories or 1,200 to 1,600 for males; if you’re a man, don’t go below 1,400 to 2,000 daily calories. The National Institutes of Health recommend that women consume between 1,800 and 2,300 calories each day and men eat between 2,500 and 3.500 calories each day.

Take your current weight and multiply it by 13 (if you don’t exercise at all), 15 (if you exercise a few times weekly), or 18 (if you exercise five days or more every week) to get an estimate of how many calories you consume on average.

It is technically feasible to shed 5 pounds in three days with so-called “detox” regimens. However, it is bad for your health. That’s why, even if a meal plan appears to be straightforward and efficient, you should always talk to a dietitian about possible negative effects on your health.