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What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits are a form of compensation that employers provide to employees in addition to their regular wages or salaries. Benefits can include health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other perks. The purpose of employee benefits is to attract and retain quality employees by providing them with additional financial security and peace of mind. 

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What are the reasons that companies in Argentina offer employee benefits?

There are a number of reasons why companies in Argentina offer employee benefits. The most common reason is to attract and retain employees. In a country with high unemployment rates, offering employee benefits can help a company stand out from the competition and attract the best talent. Additionally, employee benefits can help improve morale and motivation, and reduce absenteeism and turnover. Finally, offering employee benefits is simply good for business – it helps create a more productive and engaged workforce.

What are the most common employee benefits offered in Argentina?

There are many top employee benefits offered in Argentina. Some of the most popular benefits include:

Wellness programs: These programs help employees stay healthy and improve their overall well-being.

Flexible work schedules: Employees can often choose their own work hours, which can make it easier to balance work and life responsibilities.

Generous vacation time: Argentine workers typically receive 30 days of paid vacation per year, which is significantly more than what is offered in other countries.

Parental leave: Both mothers and fathers are given paid time off to care for a new baby, which helps families balance work and family life.

These are just a few of the top employee benefits offered in Argentina. By offering these types of benefits, employers can attract and retain high-quality employees.

Is Employee health insurance a mandatory employee benefit in Argentina?

In Argentina, employee health insurance is considered a mandatory employee benefit. This means that all employers must provide health insurance coverage for their employees, regardless of the size of the company. The type of health insurance that is provided usually depends on the size of the company. 

What is the cost for employee benefits package in Argentina?

The cost of Employee benefits will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

Employee benefits programs can be costly, but the average cost of an employee benefits program in Argentina is relatively affordable. The monthly cost of an employee benefits program in Argentina is around $160 USD. This cost covers the basic benefits package, which includes health insurance, life insurance, and pension contributions. Additional benefits, such as dental and vision coverage, can add to the monthly cost.

MantraCare offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective employee benefits program starting at $3 per employee.

Who are the top employee benefits providers in Argentina?

Sodexo is another leading provider of employee benefits and services in Argentina. They offer a wide range of benefits and services, including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and more.

 HSBC is a multinational bank with operations in over 70 countries. In Argentina, they offer a comprehensive employee benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement planning, and financial planning services.

MantraCare is the top employee benefits solution provider in Argentina. They help design the benefits plan and execute the same with the HR. They offer comprehensive employee benefits programs that promote physical and mental well-being.

Their services include EAP, corporate yoga, physical therapy, chronic condition reversal (for diabetes & hypertension), meditation, work counseling, and more.

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In which cities can MantraCare offer Employee Benefits Packages in Argentina?

  • San Nicolás de los Arroyos
  • San Rafael
  • Rafael Castillo
  • Trelew
  • Santa Rosa
  • Tandil
  • Villa Mercedes
  • Puerto Madryn
  • Morón
  • Virrey del Pino
  • Caseros
  • San Carlos de Bariloche
  • Maipú

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