Employee Perks in Myanmar

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Employee Perks in Myanmar

In order to attract and retain the best employees, many companies offer perks and benefits above and beyond salary and vacation time. These can include everything from free or discounted gym memberships to on-site childcare, and can be a major factor in employee satisfaction. While some employee perks are relatively standard, others can be more creative or tailored to the needs of the company.


What are the benefits of Work perks?

Myanmar is a country with a rapidly growing economy, and as such, many companies are offering work perks to attract and retain top talent. These work perks can include anything from free housing and transportation to meals and laundry service. While these benefits may seem small, they can make a big difference in the quality of life for employees.

One of the main reasons why companies offer work perks is to attract and retain top talent. With a rapidly growing economy, there is a lot of competition for talented employees. By offering work perks, companies can make themselves more attractive to potential employees.

Additionally, work perks can help to keep employees happy and motivated at their jobs. While work perks can be a great way to attract and retain employees, they are not always affordable for companies. This is especially true for small businesses or startups that may not have the budget to offer expansive benefits packages.

However, even small companies can offer some type of perk, such as flexible hours or the ability to work from home occasionally. Ultimately, whether or not to offer work perks is up to each individual company. 

What are the most common Work perks?

Work perks in Myanmar can vary depending on the company, but typically include discounted rates on products and services, flexible working hours, and wellness programs. Some of the country’s top employers offer comprehensive health and fitness programs that aim to improve employee productivity and well-being. Here are five of the best employee perks in Myanmar:

1. Wellness Programs – Many employers in Myanmar offer comprehensive wellness programs that aim to improve employee productivity and well-being. These programs may include healthy eating options, exercise classes, stress management treatments, and more.

2. Paid Time Off – Many employers in Myanmar offer paid time off for their employees. This can range from a few days per year to a full month.

3. Flexible Working Hours – Many employers in Myanmar offer flexible working hours so their employees can balance work with personal obligations. This can include evening or weekend hours as well as weekday mornings or afternoons.

4. Discounts on Products and Services – Many employers in Myanmar offer discounts on products and services for their employees. This can include discounts on lunch at the office, travel packages, and more.

5. Employee Referral Program – Many employers in Myanmar reward their employees for referring new employees to the company. This can include bonuses, free time off, or other benefits related to the referral program.

What is the Cost for Employee Perks Package?

The cost of an Employee perks will depend on the provider, company size, and services offered.

According to a survey, the average cost of employee perks in Myanmar is $3,142. The most common benefits include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave. In addition to these traditional benefits, some companies provide additional amenities such as gym memberships or free food.

MantraCare is a cost-effective employee perks solution provider that offers plans starting at $3 per employee.

Who are the top employee perks providers in Myanmar?

Aon is a global leader in risk management, insurance broking, and human resources consulting. They have a strong presence in Myanmar and offer a wide range of employee benefits solutions.

Mercer is a global leader in HR consulting and offers a comprehensive suite of employee benefits solutions. They have a strong presence in Myanmar and are well-positioned to help organizations navigate the challenges of operating in this market.

MantraCare is the top Employee perks vendor in Myanmar. They not only provide excellent employee benefits in Myanmar, but they also offer extra perks like EAP, Stepathlon, Corporate Yoga, Physical therapy, and chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation, work counseling & more.

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MantraCare offers Employee Perks in all major cities in Myanmar

  • Yangon
  • Mandalay
  • Naypyidaw
  • Taunggyi
  • Mawlamyine
  • Bago
  • Monywa
  • Myitkyina
  • Pathein
  • Sittwe
  • Pyay
  • Pakokku
  • Myeik
  • Meiktila
  • Taungoo

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