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Corporate Wellness Programs in Austria

Corporate wellness programs are a way for companies to promote good health and prevent disease. Programs can include things like health screenings, exercise classes, and diet counseling. They can also help employees feel more connected to their company and increase productivity. Corporate wellness programs have become increasingly popular in the past few years.


Benefits of implementing Employee wellness programs

Employee wellness programs are beneficial for companies in Austria for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they can help to reduce the risk of employee injuries and illnesses, which can have a significant impact on productivity. Secondly, they can improve employee morale and engagement, which can lead to reduced absenteeism and other forms of workplace chaos. And finally, they can save money on medical expenses by preventing cases of illness or injury in the first place. Overall, implementing an Employee wellness program is a sound investment for any company operating in Austria.

What are the most common Employee Wellness initiatives?

Austria has been focusing on employee wellness for a while now and it shows. From offering gym memberships to subsidizing healthy food, the country is doing its best to make sure employees are staying fit and healthy. Here are five of the top Employee Wellness initiatives in Austria.

1. Offering Gym Memberships: One way Austria is trying to make employee wellness a priority is by offering gym memberships as an incentive. This has been proven to be a successful strategy, as employees who use the gym tend to be happier, more productive and have less stress overall.

2. Subsidizing Healthy Food: Another way Austria is trying to make employee wellness a priority is by subsidizing healthy food costs. This means that instead of employees having to pay full price for their fruits and vegetables, the government will cover part of the cost. This helps to promote healthier eating habits in the workplace and makes it easier for employees to stick to a balanced diet.

3. Providing Support Groups: Another way Austria is trying to make employee wellness a priority is by providing support groups. These groups provide advice and support on topics such as diet and fitness, which can help employees to better understand and manage their own health.

4. Offering Workshops on Mental Health Issues: Austria also understands the importance of mental health in the workplace, which is why they offer workshops on topics such as depression and anxiety. By providing this guidance and support, Austrian employers are able to increase the productivity of their employees and prevent mental health issues from taking over the workplace.

What is the cost of employee wellness programs?

The cost of implementing Employee Wellness programs will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

Employee wellness programs in Austria have an average cost of €1,200 per person per year. This includes the cost of health insurance, fitness club memberships, and other wellness-related expenses.

MantraCare is a cost-effective employee wellness programs provider that offers plans starting at $3 per employee.

Who are the top Employee Wellness solution providers in Austria?

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software company that offers a variety of Employee Wellness solutions, including meal tracking and stress relief programs. Each of these companies has developed innovative methods for helping employees stay healthy and productive.

Life Time Fitness is another well-known name in the Employee Wellness space. They offer a wide range of services, including gym memberships, personal training, wellness retreats, and more. They also have a program that allows employees to invest in shares of the company. This program allows them to participate in the company’s future growth while also benefiting from its current successes.

MantraCare is the top employee wellness platform in Austria. They have been serving businesses in Austria for over a decade now.

They offer almost all employee wellness services such as EAP, Corporate Yoga, Physical therapy, chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation, work counseling, Stepathlon & more.

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