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Workplace Yoga Programs in Finland

A workplace yoga program is a system where employees are given the opportunity to participate in yoga sessions during their work hours. The purpose of workplace yoga programs is to promote employee wellness and productivity. There are many benefits of workplace yoga programs.

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Benefits of offering Yoga to employees

Yoga has been shown to have numerous benefits for both physical and mental health, making it an ideal activity to offer employees as a way to improve their well-being. Some of the potential benefits of yoga for employees include:

Physical health benefits:

  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced risk of injuries

Mental health benefits:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Improved mood and sense of well-being
  • Enhanced concentration and focus
  • Improved sleep quality.

How Corporate Yoga works?

No matter where your office is located in Finland, we can provide a Yoga session. There are several Office-Friendly poses that can be done at work, such as Chair Yoga, Face Yoga and Rapid Yoga.

Chair yoga
Chair yoga
Rapid Yoga
Face Yoga

Corporate Yoga is a program that provides yoga classes for employees at their workplaces. The program is designed to improve the health and well-being of employees and to create a more productive and positive work environment. Corporate Yoga classes are typically held during lunch or after work hours and are led by experienced yoga instructors. The classes are typically one hour long and include a variety of yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

What is the cost of corporate yoga programs?

The average cost of a corporate yoga program in Finland is €85 per hour. This rate may vary depending on the type and length of the program, as well as the number of participants.When choosing a corporate yoga provider, it is important to consider the quality of their services. Make sure to read reviews and compare prices before making a decision.

MantraCare is a cost-effective corporate yoga solution provider that offers plans starting at $3 per employee.

Who are the top corporate yoga solution providers in Finland?

Yogapoint is a popular provider of corporate yoga solutions in Finland. They offer a range of services, from one-time workshops to ongoing programs. Their team of certified instructors will work with you to create a program that fits your company’s needs and objectives.

Yoga Tribe is a yoga studio that offers yoga classes, teacher training, and retreats. They have a corporate yoga program that helps businesses promote health and wellness among their employees.

MantraCare is the top vendor for Corporate Yoga programs in Finland. They offer both online and offline Yoga sessions for employees. Their instructors are trained in organizing in-office yoga sessions.

MantraCare not only provides excellent corporate yoga, but they also offer perks such as EAP, Stepathlon, Physical therapy, and chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation & more.

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MantraCare offers corporate yoga solution in all major cities in Finland

  • Helsinki
  • Tampere
  • Turku

If you are a company in Finland, looking to implement a corporate yoga program, Talk to corporate yoga experts at Mantracare: Schedule a Call >