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What are the employee engagement trends in Finland?

Employee engagement is a major concern for many companies in Finland and around the world. Despite increasing efforts to understand and address engagement issues, there is still much work to be done in order to fully understand what drives employees’ commitment to their jobs and organizations. One of the trends we are seeing in Finland is an increased focus on incentive programs that are designed to engage and motivate employees. These programs often include perks like flexible work arrangements, employee recognition and rewards, and opportunities for career development.

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What are the benefits of employee engagement initiatives?

Employee engagement initiatives can be a great way to improve employee morale, increase productivity, and reduce turnover. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved Morale: Employee engagement initiatives can boost morale by creating a more positive work environment. Engaged employees are more likely to feel engaged in their work and committed to the company’s goals.

Productivity: Increased productivity is often seen as one of the key benefits of employee engagement. When employees are engaged in their work, they are more likely to be creative and productive.

Reduced Turnover: Employee engagement initiatives can help reduce turnover by motivating employees to stay with a company for longer periods of time. When employees feel appreciated and have a sense of community at work, they are less likely to want to leave.

What are the most common employee engagement programs offered in Finland?

In Finland, employee engagement is a top priority. The country has been ranked as the most engaged workforce in the world by the World Economic Forum, and a key part of its success is its many employee engagement programs. Here are five of the most popular programs in Finland:

1. Motivation & Incentives: One of the most common ways to increase employee engagement is through motivation and incentive programs. These programs provide employees with rewards or incentives for meeting certain goals or performing certain tasks. They can help to encourage employees to stay motivated and improve their work performance.

2. Employee Engagement Teams: Another common way to increase employee engagement is through employee engagement teams. These teams are made up of representatives from different departments or divisions within a company. Their job is to support and encourage employees, identify and address workplace issues, and promote teamwork.

3. Well-Executed Communication Programs: Effective communication programs play an important role in building trust and improving employee engagement. These programs ensure that employees have access to accurate information, timely updates, and support when needed. They also help to foster a collegial environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up.

4. Employee Retention Programs: Employee retention programs play an important role in keeping talented employees on board. These programs offer benefits such as flexible working hours, health insurance, and tuition reimbursement schemes. They also aim to create a positive workplace culture that is attractive enough for employees to stay with the company for long term.

What is the cost of an employee engagement program in Finland?

Costs associated with employee engagement programs vary depending on the country and the size of the company, but a survey of companies in Finland shows that the average cost is €2,700 per employee per year. This includes costs for surveys, training, and development programs.

MantraCare is a cost-effective employee engagement service provider that offers plans starting at $3 per employee.

Who are the top employee emgagement solution providers in Finland?

Hubstaff is a remote worker management platform that offers employees tools to manage their work and personal lives. The platform includes features such as time tracking, invoicing, leave management, and task management. Hubstaff also has a social media tool that allows employees to manage their social media presence from within the platform.

Aon Hewitt is another leading provider of employee engagement solutions. The company provides a range of tools designed to help managers improve communication and coordination between different departments within an organization. Aon Hewitt also offers a range of Employee Engagement Survey products that allow organizations to get detailed information about how their employees are feeling.

MantraCare is the top employee engagement solution provider in Finland. Being dedicated to employee engagement, MantraCare helps implement several engagement initiatives including wellness challenges, leaderboards, webinars, daily tasks etc. Not only that but they also offer Stepathlon, Corporate Yoga and more!

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